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Application Progress of Recent Advances in Some Copper Catalyzed Coupling Reactions

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 3 ]


Sunil U. Tekale, Vivekanand B. Jadhav, Vijay P. Pagore, Sushma S. Kauthale, Digambar D. Gaikwad and Rajendra P. Pawar   Pages 281 - 301 ( 21 )


Different cross-coupling reactions for the formation of biologically important motifs and intermediates in organic synthesis using various suitable copper catalysts are reviewed. These include C-C, C-N, C-O, C-S heteroatom bond forming, cyclization and other miscellaneous reactions catalyzed by elemental copper, copper salts, CuI, Cu (OTf)2, CuBr, Cu2O etc. The use of copper reagents instead of palladium catalysts and ligands seems to be advantageous from the commercial point of view. The methods described herein afford the products in excellent yield without using expensive and moisture/air sensitive palladium catalysts, ligands and reagents.


Copper catalysts, Cross coupling reactions, Ligands.


Department of Chemistry, Shri Muktanand College, Gangapur - 431 109 (MS) India.

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