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Laccases in Pharmaceutical Chemistry: A Comprehensive Appraisal

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 6 ]


Pankaj K. Chaurasia, Shashi L. Bharati and Chandana Sarma   Pages 430 - 451 ( 22 )


Laccases are copper containing oxidases and one of the most promising enzymes of the oxidoreductase group. They are renowned due to their unique properties and functions in the biotechnological field and are involved in various promising applications in different areas of chemistry like synthetic chemistry, food chemistry, hormonal chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry, biosensor development etc. Furthermore, laccases have shown their presence in the field of medicinal chemistry which is an emerging field for their application. They have fabulous roles in the developments of antibiotics, anticancer drugs, antifungal drugs, melanin synthesis, prostaglandin production, sedatives and in detoxifying the toxic compounds etc. In the in-situ generation of iodine, generation of bacteria/spores free surface, development of hair dyes, malodour removal, prevention/treatment of dermatitis, reduction of allergenicity, deodorants, diaper and many more products preparation, laccases have potent roles. This review has been written in order to discuss various medicinal roles of laccases, collect useful information and dig out the prospective promising inferences for their future applicability. Astonishingly, there are not any significant and prevalent reviews utterly focused on the importance of laccases in pharmaceutical chemistry that can demonstrate their efficacious roles in this area. In this context, this review will be strongly helpful in providing the latest and updated research information on medicine based laccases and their future prospective roles in pharmaceutical field. This review discusses the significances of laccases in medicinal chemistry and those laccase catalysed syntheses having no medicinal activities are not entertained.


Antibiotic, anticancer, antioxidant, hepatitis C, laccase, medicine, melanin, prostaglandin.


Department of Chemistry, University of Allahabad, Allahabad-211002, Uttar Pradesh

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