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Recent Progress in the Synthesis of Furan

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 5 ]


Dau Xuan Duc*   Pages 422 - 452 ( 31 )


Furans are five-membered aromatic heterocycles containing one oxygen atom that are important building blocks in organic chemistry, but also as natural products found in various natural sources, mostly in plants, algae and microorganisms. In this review, we discussed recent advances in the synthesis of furan compounds. Some classical methods have been modified and improved, while other new methods have been developed. A vast variety of catalysts was used for these transformations. In many studies, furan synthesis reaction mechanisms were also investigated and proposed.


Furans, aromatic heterocycles, natural product, one component synthesis, cycloaddition, cycloisomerization reaction.


Department of Chemistry, Vinh University, Vinh City

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