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Nucleophilic Vinyl/Allyl, CF3 and CF2α Perfluoroalkyl Groups Substitution and/or E1CB Elimination Reactions of Fluorine Atom(s) in Organofluori-nated Compounds

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 5 ]


Nejib Hussein Mekni*   Pages 453 - 462 ( 10 )


Direct substitution and elimination reactions of the fluorine atoms of difluoromethylene CF2α groups of nonspaced perfluoroalkyl chains, CF3 groups are very difficult to achieve. But, they become feasible with fluoro-alkenes, alkynes, imines or carbonyl derivatives, for which vinylic substitution and related carbanion-mediated pathways are available. In this review, we classify the major and unique flu-orine substitution/elimination and rearrangement reactions and discuss their contribution to the synthe-sis of heterocyclic compounds.


Fluorine elimination/substitution, perfluoroalkyl chain, trifluoromethyl, vinylic fluorine, allylic fluorine, organofluorinated compounds.


Faculty of Sciences of Tunis, El Manar University, Chemistry

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