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Methods for Synthesis of α-Alkyl α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes


Ekaterina A. Verochkina*   Pages 1 - 7 ( 7 )


α-Substituted α,β-unsaturated aldehydes represent highly reactive class of compounds with a broad scope of application. Therefore, development of methods for the synthesis of these bifunctional compounds is dynamically progressing area of research. This review summarizes and highlights methods for the synthesis of α-alkyl α,β-alkenals.


α, β-unsaturated aldehydes, organocatalysis, aldol reactions, α-alkyl α, β-alkenals


A. E. Favorsky Irkutsk Institute of Chemistry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1 Favorsky Street, 664033 Irkutsk

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