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Some Ways for the Synthesis of Chalcones - New Ways for the Synthesis of Flavon-3-ols


Cecilia EspĂ­ndola *   Pages 1 - 27 ( 27 )


Flavonoids by to their natural properties and diverse applications are a group of compounds whose study of their origin, characteristics and applications has been dedicated to extensive research. For the organic synthesis of chalcones, due to their interest as precursor molecules of different compounds, several pathways have been developed that have been reported in numerous works. Given the importance of flavonols, as compounds of pharmacological interest mainly, new synthesis routes are proposed, in addition to those already existing. In this work, the main pathways for the synthesis of chalcones are presented and new pathways for the synthesis of flavonols such as (-) melacacidin are proposed.


Chalcones, organic synthesis, Claisen-Schmidt condensation, flavonol, (-)melacacidin.


Department of Organic and inorganic Chemistry. Facultad de Ciencias. Universidad de Extremadura E-06071 Badajoz

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